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hello everyone (:  i know this community is quite boring at the moment, but that's cause there's like, no members :p
so if you guys have any friends, please ask them to join!  much thanks.

good luck beautifuls.

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erm i am also called dani?
lol. anyways diagnosed ednos.
H 5'6"
CW 124.6lbs
GW1 120lbs
UGW 109lbs

starting abc on monday (:
x x x x x x 

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Ciao Bellas =)
how are we today?
Exercised again for two hours so happy about that
just took pics in my bathing suit. idk how i look. i think i look so gross
blah. i posted them on my page if you wanna see,
so what's new with everyone else?
what is everyone doing for 4th of july?
blah I am so bored
anyone wanna chat?
message me and we can talk =)

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hey i'm so bored, i'm binging like crazy!!

i need help


Hey there! I'm Danielle, or Dani if you prefer :) I'm currently 5'4", 135 pounds, EDNOS, and not sure if I want to recover. I promise to comment and support! And I love buddies, so if anyone wants to try some crazy plan I promise I'll try it with you :)

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Hello Everyone!
This is a brand new community, a support team for anyone already with an eating disorder, or anyone who would like to recover.
We would like anyone to become apart of this community.  Any age, any gender, any eating disorder.
Our rules are on our user info. 
Thanks Everyone (:



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